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The Sacramento Kings are an American professional basketball team based in Sacramento, California. The Kings compete in the National Basketball Association (NBA) as a member of the Western Conference's Pacific Division. The Kings are the only team in the major professional North American sports leagues located in Sacramento. The team plays its home games at the Golden 1 Center.

On REDDIT, a deleted user wrote a post with the title of "Do you think the Kings will ever be good?" 3 years ago:

"Personally, I'm content with the knowledge that it could go either way. We may luck out in the draft and go on an amazing playoff run, or we could remain the Cubs of the NBA, occasionally competing but never winning it all. I got into a lot of arguments re tanking earlier in the season, but I stopped when I realized that I didn't believe this team was ever going to be consistently successful, tank or not.

And really, if the Kings remain bad forever, at least it's a shit sandwich delivered at a five-star restaurant: we've got one of the best arenas in the NBA, a passionate fanbase who will always love this team and its players, and a nice reprieve from attention as the Warriors and Cavs dominate most storylines. Everything about our team is great, except for the team itself.

Even when losing, our team is fun to watch - I love seeing what Skal, Buddy, and WCS can do with more minutes. It just isn't a good enough team to win NBA games consistently.

We are lovable losers, and sometimes it seems like heaven and earth would need to move to change that paradigm. So just relax and enjoy Kings basketball, even if we always suck, we'll always have our wonderful fanbase and our wonderful arena."


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JohnOrr says

"I STILL don't have my tickets. Also, I was hung up on by you when I called in to discuss it."

MikeMata says

"I planned for an event, had to travel and rent a hotel room, and at the last minute. The day before I get told it’s being postponed... I couldn’t even get my money back and now I can’t go because I have to travel just to see it which I can’t afford to do. This was for my anniversary but ended just being a waste of $300... so stupid and greedy!"

Tammy D says

"This company should be investigated. Received this today. Ohio State Buckeyes at Oregon Ducks (Postponed - Date TBD) on Saturday, September 12, 2020 has been postponed. We will notify you through email with the new date and time when the event has been rescheduled. They have $1800 of my money. Weeks ago it was announced that no non conference games were going to be played. That’s no postponed."

Raven says

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